Wyoming Board of Physical Therapy

The Wyoming Board of Physical Therapy regulates the practice of physical therapy. Therefore, complaints may be registered against individuals only. The Board does not accept anonymous complaints. All complaints must name the individual the complaint is filed against, and must be signed by the person registering the complaint before the Board will proceed.

A licensee or certificate holder has a property right to their license/certificate under Wyoming Law and therefore they are afforded the right of due process. Part of this process requires that the licensee or certificate holder be given the opportunity to address the concerns raised in a complaint against them, and to present a defense to the allegations.

This means that a copy of the complaint will be provided to the licensee or certificate holder. The entire complaint review, investigation and legal review process may take an extended period of time depending on the complexity of the case and the pending caseload before the Board. During the investigation stage, all information is confidential and may not be discussed. This also applies to discussing the investigation with the person filing the complaint.